Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)



- How do I post comments?

- How do I send a message?

- How do I vote?



- How do I add components?

- How do I manage my home page components?



- How do I change my profile page skin?



- Can I use Farsi in my blog and profile?

- Where can I get a Farsi text writer?






- How do I post comments?


You can add comments to users’ profiles and blogs. The comments are appended at the bottom of the corresponding page and titled “User Comments”. In this section you can view the users comments posted for the profile or blog.


To add your own comment, click on “Add Comment” link. A text field will be displayed. Enter your comment and click the “Submit Comment” button to post your comment. Your comment will appear at the top of the comments’ list. You can delete it at any time by clicking on “Remove” link next to the comment content. Only you and the user who owns the blog or profile have the rights to delete your comments. Site administrator can also delete your comments, if it does not correspond to the site regulations.



- How do I send a message?


You can send messages to other members from either the “Mailbox” or the “User profile” page.  Each message contains the sender (your) name, recipient’s username and the recipient’s photo thumbnail.  You also have the option to select a pre-written message from a drop down list “Quick notes”.


If your message is longer than the space provided, a scroll bar will appear on right of the text area. For your convenience the conversation archive is available for you at the bottom of the page. After you enter your message, click on “Send Message” button to send it.  A confirmation message appears indicating the mail has been sent successfully.  In case you have been blocked by another member, you will not be able to send message to him / her.



- How do I vote?


You can vote for user’s profile or photo.  To vote for a user’s profile, click on the user thumbnail or Username.  This displays the “User Profile” page.  To vote for a user’s photo, click on “View Photos”.  Both “User Profile” and “User Photos” pages contains a dropdown menu with rating values (1-10). Select a value from the dropdown list and click the “Rate” button.  Your vote will be applied.



- How do I add components?


The User Home Page is made up of the left and the right columns. Following describes how to add components to your page:

1. Click on the Add Components link on the corresponding column.

2. Browse the list of available components and click button to add the one you desire.

To add another component repeat steps 1 and 2. If you want to cancel the selection, click on button at the bottom of the list.  The available components are:

Right column Components

- New Users -This component shows a list of new users with photos. You can filter by gender and age.

- New Videos - This component shows the new uploaded and approved member’s videos. You can filter them by gender.

- Popular Blog Posts - This component shows the most popular blog posts for the last month.


Left column Components

News - This component shows the latest site news.

Birthdays - This component shows a list of users who have birthdays today or within the next few days.

Friends Online - This component shows all your friends who are currently online.

Search - This component provides a handy quick search box.


- How do I manage my home page components?


There are several options available for each component:

Move Up - Moves the component one position up.

Move Down - Moves the component one position down.

Minimize - Minimizes the component to a single row.

Restore - Restores the component to full size.

Edit - Enters the edit mode which contains different options depending on the selected component.

Close - Removes the component. It can be added again from Add Components link.


- How do I change my profile page skin?


We offer several pre-design skins. The Default skin uses the background and formats of the site theme. Following are the available skins:

- AlienDream

- Bubbles

- Car

- Girl

- GreyGirl

- PinkGirl

- Sheeps


- Can I use Farsi in my blog and profile? 



Yes, you can.  You can use a Farsi text editor or word processor to type in your Farsi text using Unicode format.  Copy and paste it into your blog or profile.  You can also use a Farsi configured keyboard to directly type Farsi text into your blog or profile.


The following two should be considered:


1- MyPersianHalf site search engine provides capability to perform “keyword” search.  If your profile is in Farsi, the “keyword” search

function will not include your profile as part of its search.


2- Text that is entered into the profile section can be translated to other languages via Google translator.  This function is built in to

our site.  At this time Google translator does not have the capability to translate from Farsi to any other languages.



- Where can I get a Farsi text writer?


If your computer operating system is not bilingual (your country language and Farsi) you have the following two options to use Farsi text for your blog or profile. 


1- Use an online Farsi Keyboard such as

2- Download and install a Farsi Unicode application such as:

After typing your text, you can copy and past it into your blog or profile.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)