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My Profile Page


In order other users to find you and see your profile you must create one first. You can do this by clicking on “Profile” link on the main menu.



Edit Profile


The profile page allows you to edit and update your profile.  You can use it to enter information about yourself. Start by entering the basic information about yourself (height, weight, body type, eyes and etc). You can then, give more details about yourself. “Title” is the slogan that other members will see. It is one that should not be taken lightly. The more original it is more users will show interest in you. Also the “Tell us about you” topic gives you more space for describing yourself and your interests. You can also use this field to tell the others what exactly you are looking for. 


Our questioner includes common attributes that are of interests to our members.  Save your profile after you have answered all the questions.  You will then receive a confirmation message.  You are also given an opportunity to upload your photos. You can do it from the “Upload Photos Now” button or from the left menu.



View My Profile


To preview your profile click on “View Profile” link in the left navigation box.  The “User Profile” page opens.  The fields that have not received approval yet contain “-- pending approval --” text.


The “User Comments” section shows the comments added for you by the other site members. All the members can add no more than one comment for you. You have the rights to remove each one of them.


Upload Photos


Use upload page to post your pictures as part of your profile. Your photos are not going to be visible to the other members until they are approved by our team. This process can take up to 24 hours. Any photo that doesn't conform to our site specification will be deleted.


Here are some photo guidelines:


- Group photos are not accepted.


- Avoid small photos. Your photo should be at least 150 x 150 pixels. The recommended resolution is 400 x 400.  When scanning your photo please cut the empty areas around the photo - This way your photo will seem bigger and the

file size will be smaller.


- Photos with erotic content are not allowed.

- Celebrity or copyrighted photos are not accepted.


You are now ready to upload your first photo. This can be done by clicking on link "Edit Photo".  You can enter picture name and a description. Browse your computer and select a photo.  Click the “Upload” button. Your picture thumbnail will show on the left.  You must then confirm the actions by clicking on “Save” link or if you have changed your mind you can cancel the operation by clicking “Cancel” link. Following the “Save” action, photo is sent to site administrator for approval.  The picture will then appears with the title, description and a “Pending Approval” message.



You have three options for each picture you have uploaded:


1- Edit Photo – you can edit the photo’s details or upload a new one

2- Delete Photo – you can delete the selected photo

3- Make Primary – if you select this link, this photo will be your primary one and it will be shown to the other members of the site each time you send messages, or if you are included in “new members”, “friends”, “top users” and etc.  Once your photo has been approved by the administrator you will receive a message from the administrator in your inbox.  In case your photo is rejected by the administrator you will also receive a message. If no reason for the rejection is provided you will receive only: “Your photo has been rejected” message.



Upload Audio


If you want to upload an audio file to your profile page click on "Upload Audio" link in the left menu on Profile page. You can enter the title for the audio you are uploading, otherwise the name of the file will be the title. Browse to the audio file in your computer and click on the Upload button. If you want to hide the audio file, check the "Set this audio as private".  You can only use MP3 audio files.



Upload Video


This option allows you to embed YouTube videos into your profile.  Click on "Add YouTube Video" button.  Enter the keywords in the search field and click "Search" button. The results will be displayed.  Click on the video you want to embed into your profile. You can remove videos from your profile by click on Remove button under the video.



Edit Skin


You can choose a skin from the dropdown menu in the “Setting” page.  This page can be accessed from the left menu in the “Profile” page.  If you have already chosen a skin, you can modify it further. Click on “Edit Skin” link on the left menu.

Background image
You can replace the skin background image by uploading a new one using the Browse button or by placing a url address of it.


Background Color
You can set the background color.


You can set the position of your background image on the page.


You can set the type of the background image. "Scroll" will scroll the image with the page content. "Fixed" will place the image on fixed position and only the content will scroll


You can have the image to repeat. "Down" will repeat the image vertically. "Across" will repeat the image horizontally.


Text color
You can set the color of the text in the page.


Link color
You can set the color of the links in the page.


Left Menu Link color
You can set the color of the navigation links in the left area of the page.


Header and Footer Link color
You can set the color of the links in the header and footer areas of the page.




Click on “Settings” link on the left menu in the “Profile” page. Information from this page is personal and hidden for the other site members.  The “Settings” page consists of four main sections; personal settings, additional settings, privacy settings and delete your account.


Personal Settings – Here you can change your password, and some personal information. Your username can not be changed.


Additional Settings-  Following are the additional setting.


I’d like to receive email notification – If you check this option you will receive copy of all the messages from your site Inbox to the personal email address you have provided.


- Make my profile visible to other members – If you uncheck this option your profile will appears only if a member searches for your username directly. You will not appear in the other search results or in top users, new members and etc.


- I'd like to receive messages from - Choose from the dropdown list the members you want to receive messages from.


- Members should be from to years old - specifies the age range of the members who can contact you.


- Profile skin - You can select a skin for your profile that will be shown when someone is looking at your Profile page. Choose from the dropdown list with available skins.  When you select a skin You can see how it looks on Your profile by clicking "Preview" link next to the dropdown list. For more information see “Edit Skin” section.


- Only members with photo can send messages to me - If checked only members with photo can send messages to you.


- Disable profile rating - If checked the site members will not be able to rate your profile.


- Disable profile comments -If checked the site members will not be able to post comments to your profile.


- Disable photo comments - If checked the site members will not be able to post comments to your profile photos.


- Disable blog comments - If checked the site members will not be able to post comments to your blog posts.


- Hide user level icon - If checked the site members will not be able to see your user level icon.


- Don't show me when view user profiles - If checked the site members will not be notified when you view their profile.


- Hide friends - If checked the site members will not be able to see your friends list.


- Hide group membership - This is part of a function that may become available at a later time.  It makes no difference if you check or uncheck this box.



To save the changes click on “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.


3. Privacy settings - You can specify the privacy settings for your profile, photos, videos, friends and block. Select your privacy preference from the list of options provided.


4. Delete Your Account – You can directly delete your account yourself at any time.  Account deletion will become effective immediately.  Click on “Delete Account” button to remove your account.  Your account will be deleted from the sites along with the comments you have added, blogs posted, photos and videos and votes given. Only the messages you have send to other site members will remain in their Inboxes.  After an account is deleted, you of the system administrator will not be able to restore it.


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