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If you want to share your thoughts and impressions about anything, here is the place to post them. Go to the blog page by clicking on the “Blog” in the main menu.  To the right of the blog page in the “Add Post Blog” box, you can type in title of your new blog and start entering your blog in the description section. Click on “Add Post” button finalize entry.  Another way to add a new post is by clicking on “New Post” link from “Blog Management”.  For each post you have to enter title and content. Adding and formatting the blog content is very easy. A user friendly text editor is provided. It contains the basic formatting of the font, text size, color, inserting images and hyperlinks and etc. After you have done entering the content click on “Add Post” link to confirm it. You will receive “Post has been added successfully” message.


To view your blog click on “View Blog” link in the Blog Management Menu.  A short info for your blog like title, content and post date is displayed.  If you want to see more details, the user comments added for your blog or to post your own comments please click on “more” link or on your blog’s title.


You can edit or delete your post, preview the user comments for it or add your own comment. If you want to change your blog title or description you can do so by clicking on “Blog Settings” link.  Just retype the text in the title or description section and click “Save Changes” button.


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