About Us

Our team consists of Iranians that are primarily based in the United States. Our services are offered to all Iranians who enjoy Internet access regardless of their geographic locations. 


Over the last thirty years, a large number of Iranians have migrated to countries across the globe making it difficult to meet that special someone who shares similar backgrounds and traditions.  MyPesianHalf is designed in response to this need.

MyPersianHalf.com mission is to help Iranian singles to find their desired relationship.  Our goal is to offer a multilingual site with focus on our Persian heritage providing a familiar setting to those who appreciate Iranian culture and customs.  In short, it is a dating site designed by Persians for Persians that we hope to become the dating site of choice for the Iranians. 

At MyPersianHalf.com members can provide their background, likes, dislikes and what they are looking for in a potential partner through a series of free text sections.  Included in member
profiles are photos and a series of predetermined questions that help introduce a member to our membership.  The site includes a search engine that allows each user to define desired attributes of potential partners.  Members can set email notification to receive potential matches based on the attributes.

We do not share or sell the information about our members. Our members can cancel their memberships online at any time (24/7). When a cancellation request is submitted, our system automatically removes all files and records associated with the member.


We hope you enjoy the site, help us improve it by providing your feedback and make it the site of choice to find your better half!

Happy Dating

MyPersianHalf.com Management Team